WiPLUX Scanner 2.30

Wi-Scan is the IP scanner for WiPLUX devices in your local area network.

  1. Please uninstall the previous version of Wi-Scan(if you have one) then install the new one on your PC.
  2. Connected your PC to your local area network.
  3. Click the SCAN button for the new scan IP address of the WiPLUX devices.
  4. You can double click at IP address with our shortcut to the login page of that WiPLUX device.
  5. You can find the location of the WiPLUX device by clicking on Mac Adress, which sends the beep sound and system LED blink at the front panel.


M4 series firmware ver5.02 build:220120

Continuing development from version 5.01

This is a new season so many things starting to change.

  • 5.02-1 Improve Amp Volt Watt readings.
  • 5.02-2 Improve Wi-Sense function.
  • 5.02-3 Edit date and time module in Wi-Schedule for in case Qontroller and Cloud topology.